Data Sanitization

Ensure your data is safely and thoroughly destroyed...

Protecting sensitive data while disposing of old computers or upgrading your IT infrastructure is extremely important. We sanitize data by employing a variety of methods. Our services are fully compliant with relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that your business is fully secured and compliant.


Maximize the value of your retired assets through resale

We can help you recover significant value from your used I.T. Assets. Our services extend to a wide range of electronic assets that contain data. For businesses with large volumes of IT equipment, we may offer complimentary services (Subject to qualification). The recovered value can be re-invested into other IT initiatives.


Ethically recycle obsolete equipment in an environmentally friendly manner........

We understand the importance of keeping e-waste out of landfills as much as possible. We provide sustainable recycling solutions for businesses looking to reduce their carbon emission impact.

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